Riverside Nursery assists fruit fly problem with cost price traps

Tulgeens Riverside Nursery is helping to combat the fruit fly problem in the Bega Valley through its supply of cost price fruit fly traps.

Fruit fly is a big problem in the region. The adult female fruit fly lay eggs in the flesh of fruits and vegetables and once the eggs hatch the larvae begin to feed within the fruit, causing it to rot and drop to the ground, Riverside Nursery manager Mel Pickering said.

To promote fruit fly control, Riverside Nursery are supplying fruit fly traps at cost price.

The traps are $8 which includes the trap, the attractant and the insecticide.

They are an effective control measure and can last up to three months, Ms Pickering said.

"We all have a role to play in the fight against fruit fly and setting traps and good orchard hygiene are two of the most important things home gardeners can do," she said.

"We all need to be on board to combat these pests.

"Selling the traps at cost price is a way for Riverside Nursery to support people efforts in fruit fly control."

Riverside Nursery is at 14 Taronga Cres, Bega.

Published: Tuesday 19th November 2019
Author: Bega District News
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Last Update: 19-11-2019 13:28