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FT TML Wafers

FT TML Wafers provide an economic and effective controlled release of 4 grams of FT Trimedlure over 6 to 8 weeks depending on weather conditions. Constructed using Farma Tech's proprietary polymer matrix.

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FT Trimedlure

FT Trimedlure is a complex mixture of isomers that form the male attractant for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly. FT Trimedlure meets or exceeds all USDA specifications and is most effectively used in control release dispe

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Fruit Fly Nets

Tree insect net 2.4 X 2.8 meters. Used to protect Crops from insects, Formed to Drape over trees.

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Jackson Trap

The Jackson trap has proven to be effective for the trapping of the mediterranean fruit fly.

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Lynfield Trap

The Lynfield Trap consists of a disposable clear plastic cylindrical container measuring 115mm deep with a 100mm diameter base and 90mm diameter screw top. There are four evenly spaced entry holes around the wall of the trap.

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McPhail Trap

The McPhail Trap is used around the world to monitor fruit flies in area wide monitoring programs.

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